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Sprinkler Installation

Tacoma, WA

Tacoma Sprinkler Installation | Irrigation System Installation

Sprinkler System

Imagine getting up in the morning and be greeted by a beautifully lush green lawn. That’s priceless. How about going home from work and be entranced by your own “little house on the prairie”? That’s a total stress reliever.

When you decide on Tacoma Sprinkler for your sprinkler installation, we want to give you that ultimate dream you’ve been longing for. We want you to enjoy the fruits of your new irrigation system. With a new by giving you the vision you had of your backyard oasis while you’ve having your morning coffee or while you’re chatting with your neighbors under the mid-afternoon sun. We want you to feel relaxed and relieved while looking at your gorgeous lawn.

How do get a green lawn without an Irrigation System Installation?  It’s simple.  You don’t.  To get a green lawn all year long, you need to religiously take care of your grass and plants. And you know what that means? Watering a couple of times a week. Your lawn needs one inch of water every week. With manual watering, you’ll be spending quite a lot of time and effort. That’s exhausting! Do you know what else you’ll be spending a lot on? Your water bill. Now that sprinkler system installation cost doesn’t look so bad, does it?  When you’re manually watering with a hose, you’ll most likely end up over watering your lawn, which is actually bad for your lawn anyway. Perhaps you will end up struggling to keep your lawn alive and your lawn suffers from under watering. This occurs when you do not water it enough. Instead of having a lush lawn, you’ll eventually have unusual patches of brown on one side and green on the other, since the water was not able to reach the entire scope of the lawn.

sprinkler system installation cost

Sprinkler System Installation

Let’s talk about sprinkler system installation.

Manual watering or relying on rainfall are not the best ways to maintain a healthy and green lawn. Dragging that hose from one area to another will only tire you out and wear you down. Not to mention the fact that you’ll just be wasting water and over watering your grass. Over watering your grass is bad, because it starves your grass of oxygen. Without oxygen, the roots will suffocate and grass will die. Not to mention that over watering your lawn leads to more water-borne bugs like mosquitoes. That’s the absolute worst thing you can do. If you want to spare yourself some mosquito bites, time, money, and effort, installing an underground sprinkler system is the solution you have been waiting for. With a sprinkler system, the water goes exactly where and when it should be. No need to worry about under-watering and over-watering your lawn. Tacoma Sprinkler has your lawn in great hands.

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What are the benefits of a sprinkler system?

Enhance the value of your property.

Whether you just want to enjoy your new lush view of a green landscape or you’re thinking about selling your property in the future, having a stunning lawn can create quite an impact on any potential buyer out there. It would definitely increase your home’s value and allow you to ask for more money. A well-kept lawn or landscape plus a sprinkler system means that the homeowner cares about his property, responsible, and efficient. Come to think of it, if you were shown one property with brown patches and another one with a gorgeous lawn, which one would you pick?  There are plenty of lawn sprinkler system installation companies around Tacoma but call the best… Tacoma Sprinkler!

Enjoy a beautiful lawn all year long.

The best time to start watering the grass is in the early hours of the morning since this is the time when less evaporation takes place.  Water is also cooler and easily absorbed by the soil.  As a result, your the grassroots grow deeper into your property and makes your grass more resilient to the summer temperatures.  If you opted for watering the lawn by hand, you will probably sleep in on the weekend and miss that important window to water your landscape.  You’ll most likely end up watering the grass around mid-morning, and it won’t be as effective by then.  So what are you waiting for? Call Tacoma Sprinkler today to get started  (253) 999-9119.

Save more money.

Did you know that you can save not just hundreds but thousands of dollars if you got an irrigation system? Manual watering often leads to overwatering.  While you may think it’s insignificant to even consider, you are actually expanding your water bill in the process. With today’s sprinkler systems, you get to enjoy an automatic watering system that only turns on when your lawn needs it.  You don’t have to shut it off if it is raining.  The latest sprinkler systems come with rain sensors to ensure your lawn is never over-watered again!

Save precious time.

Time is of the essence and with a sprinkler system installed in your property, you’ll know what we mean. Manual watering will eat up a huge amount of your time – time that you could have spent playing with your kids or meeting up some friends. With a large yard, who knows when you will be able to finish up?  If you have a corner lot, I am talking about you.  With a sprinkler system, you’ll be able to relax and sip some coffee or tea while the automatic sprinklers do the work for you.  Talk about appreciating the simple things in life.

Conserve water.

Less water is equal to water efficiency in the end. With climate change just around the corner, it’s time that you take part in saving water and ultimately saving the world. Manual watering usually involves overwatering, and that’s a big no-no when we talk about conserving water for the future. With a sprinkler system installed in your property, only the right amount of water is used to cover the entire lawn. No more brown patches or standing water whatsoever.

Lawn Sprinkler
Tacoma Sprinkler Installation | Irrigation System Installation

There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about a new sprinkler system.  Sprinkler installation involves several things. We can handle everything, so you have little or nothing to worry about. We’ll take the time to explain your options to you.  Our sprinkler designers are fantastic and understand sprinkler system layout.  We will lay out a system that makes sense for your landscape, and your budget.  We offer the best sprinkler installations in Tacoma and at competitive prices. Your sprinkler system cost doesn’t need to require a second mortgage. Our sprinkler installation service comes with a warranty. So, you can be sure that we got you covered for sprinkler installation.

High-Quality Sprinkler Systems
Tacoma Sprinkler installation

Things to consider when buying a new sprinkler system.

Sprinkler systems are laid out different on every job.  It takes experience design sprinkler systems.  The design of the sprinkler system determines how much water is used.  Also how often your sprinkler installation has to run to keep your landscaping green.

The brand of the irrigation system: There are several irrigation system manufacturers. These manufacturers include Torso, Hunter, Irritrol, Rain Bird, and more. These sprinkler systems and brands vary in pricing, quality, and durability. Our years of experience make it easy for us to help you select the best brand for your sprinkler system.

Warranty varies for sprinkler products. Some companies offer warranties that last for much longer than others. Also, some warranty offerings are more extensive than others. We offer a 2-year warranty.

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Sprinkler System Installation Tacoma WA

Rainbird Sprinklers is one of the most popular brands requested for a sprinkler system installation.  Rain Bird automatic sprinkler systems are great. This system will offer you top value for your money along with an impressive performance. With Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems, you get beautiful lawns and landscapes that will be the envy of the neighborhood. If you want the best Sprinkler system, then what you need to get is a Rain Bird Sprinkler System. We offer installation of this top-notch system along with a warranty.

Cost of installing a sprinkler system

The price of installing a sprinkler system varies. It depends on several factors like the size of your yard, the number of zones, the system design, and the brand of the sprinkler that you want to select.

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Customer Satisfaction

Tacoma Sprinkler is here for you.  We want you to be excited about your new sprinkler system.  All of our staff works hard all day every day to ensure that we sell and install the best lawn sprinklers on the market.  We want all of your customers to be 100% satisfied with our work.  You guys are our best salesmen!

Sprinkler System Installation Tacoma WA

Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation System Installation

Tacoma Sprinkler installs only the best lawn sprinkler systems in the area. Our customers get first class service.

We are trained and experienced in installation, repair, and maintenance of professional landscape & irrigation systems.  Our team focuses on customer satisfaction.  We understand what customer service means.

Call Tacoma Sprinkler today and find out about the lawn sprinkler system you’ve always wanted

We only use the best professional quality equipment, materials, and sprinkler components. The products that we use are chosen for a reason.  Decades of experience has taught us ease of operation, reliability, serviceability, and longevity for the job at hand.

Customer service doesn’t stop when we finish your sprinkler installation… We take care of you and your sprinkler system after the installation. Technical support is always available.  Doesn’t matter if you have a new or old landscape or sprinkler system. In some cases, we can provide same-day service!

Remember, just because you find a better price, doesn’t mean you’re getting a better deal.  There are many ways other sprinkler companies can provide rock bottom pricing… Using cheap materials and system components. If you cut corners on the front end, chances are it will cost you more money in the long run.  Why risk costly repairs in the near future by purchasing a mediocre irrigation system.  Your home is probably your biggest lifetime investment.

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Sprinkler System Install

At Tacoma Sprinkler, we’ll let you enjoy all these benefits and even more! Call Tacoma Sprinkler now to make an appointment or get a sprinkler estimate at (253) 999-9119 .

What to consider before Sprinkler System Installation:

Sprinkler Design

Sprinkler Design

The design of your entire sprinkler system plays a huge part in the total efficiency and effectiveness. A design that’s well-crafted by our sprinkler specialists can eventually result in greener lawns and lower water bills, among others. Tacoma Sprinkler will make sure that we survey the area first before we do the work that’s needed to meet your vision. With decades of experience, we know what to look for, what to do, and how to do it without compromising customer satisfaction. If you have suggestions, feel free to tell us.

Sprinkler Warranty

Sprinkler System Warranty

Our sprinkler company commits to providing outstanding quality work with only the best sprinkler system parts. We couple that with excellent customer service and flexible scheduling. Our clients believe in our work, and we are proud to say that we have exceeded their expectations. To top all of that, our award-winning sprinkler company provides warranty coverage.


Product Brand

There are actually a lot of sprinkler system brands in the market – Rainbird Sprinklers, Hunter, Torso – these are just some of the more popular choices for homeowners. Of course, we all have our own preferences. If you have drip irrigation in mind or some other preference, don’t forget to mention that to us when we discuss your options and the process. We want to know what the customer wants, needs, or envisions for their property to be better able to help them decide on the perfect system to suit their needs. We educate our home owners and business owners with all the pros and cons of every brand, so you can choose what’s best for your property. Tacoma Sprinkler will guide you all throughout the process, so you are never left in the dark.

Why choose Tacoma Sprinkler?

It’s very simple. Decades of experience have made us one of the leading sprinkler system providers in the area. We take pride in our equipment, quality service, and manpower to do the job in the best way possible, in the least possible time. We care about our customers and the joy our sprinkler system installation and sprinkler repair bring them. If you want a company with superior customer service, knowledgeable technicians, and flexible scheduling, Tacoma Sprinkler is the right company for you.

Green Grass
The best time to water your grass is in the early morning. This allows the absorption of water when it is cool and less evaporation occurs. This lets the roots grow deeper and avoid a dry lawn. Owning an automatic sprinkler system will keep you from worrying about too much or too little water on the lawn.

Money Savings
Thousands of dollars can be saved on a properly watered lawn. Gone are the days where you over water parts of your lawn. These errors can add up over time. Modern sprinkler systems have rain sensors, so you are never over watering your lawn.

Water Efficiency
A Rain Bird Sprinkler System will use less water over time. Tacoma Sprinkler sets up your lawn sprinkler system to minimize water usage and maximize efficiency.  You don’t have to have standing water or brown patchy areas when you get a new sprinkler installation.

Time Savings
The days of watering your yard with a hose are over.  There is no need to constantly move sprinklers from one side of the yard to the other. You don’t have to worry about spending any time out there struggling to keep your yard alive.

Tacoma Sprinkler

Tired of those brown area patches? Let’s meet up and talk about sprinkler installation now! We would love to hear from you at (253) 999-9119.

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The cost of a Tacoma Sprinkler Installation varies by sprinkler system brand, design, size of the yard, and the number of zones. Call Tacoma Sprinkler now or click below to book an appointment.

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