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Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

You dreamed of having a stunning green lawn all year long, so you had your property installed with a sprinkler system. Congratulations! You made the right choice! With a quality irrigation system taking care of your lawn and landscape watering needs, you’ll finally be able to spare yourself from all the effort, time, and most especially, money for huge water bills. Home owners realize the value a Sprinkler System Installation Tacoma WA truly brings. No matter what lawn sprinkler you get they all have one thing in common, they all need maintenance from time to time.

Sprinkler System Repair

Of course, just like any machine, equipment, and parts out there, your sprinkler system will eventually suffer from the usual wear and tear. With continued use, you’ll have to expect some damaged valves, broken pipes, and everything in between. This is where we can help you. Sure, you can try doing the repairs yourself, but would you really go through all the trouble? We’re pretty sure you’ve got tons of more important things to do.

Why Tacoma Sprinkler for your irrigation system repair?

Whether or not we are the sprinkler company you chose for your sprinkler installation, Tacoma Sprinkler offer an experienced hand for your sprinkler problems. Our professional sprinkler technicians have worked on every sprinkler system that’s out there. That’s why Tacoma Sprinkler is very confident that we are the answer to every issue that you may have.

lawn sprinkler repair service

At Tacoma Sprinkler, we have more than 20 years of valuable experience, making us one of the leading sprinkler system service providers in the area. We have served both residential and commercial properties with our excellent system, parts, and workmanship. People come to us for our lawn sprinkler repair service because they know that we always listen and put their best interest first before we start with the job.

We treat our clients like our own family, and we assure you that you only get the best from Tacoma Sprinkler – whether it’s for a sprinkler installation, repair, or maintenance – we’ve got it figured out for you. Our technicians understand what real professionalism is.

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Irrigation System Repair

Common Issues

Leaking Sprinkler System

Irrigation System Repair

Probably the most common problem that you can have over time is a sprinkler leak. Leaking may be caused by various factors that include damages caused by lawn mowers or other vehicles that may have passed over the sprinkler heads in the process. Perhaps a new pool installation created a leaking pipe with all that digging. Leaking is also possible for sprinklers that are older but lacked the proper maintenance it required.

When your sprinkler system experiences leaks, you’ll notice that the areas of your lawn are not consistent. A part may have turned soggy, while the other is all dried out. You might also notice that your water bill is unusually higher for the past few months. This is a sign that you may need a sprinkler system repair. Most of the time, a little DIY can do the job. When checking for leaks, you should first check out the top and see if the screw is tight. Otherwise, you’ll need the help from our sprinkler experts. You can reach Tacoma Sprinkler at (253) 999-9119, and we’ll immediately figure out where the leak is coming from and fix the problem before you lose any more money.

Clogged Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System Repair

Aside from small branches and twigs that may block the flow of water, you should also expect dirt and a debris from here and there that will get trapped in the sprinkler nozzle or filter. Once it happens, the water won’t be spraying as much as it should or even as far it should. Sometimes all that is needed is to simply remove the filter and get the trapped dirt inside. When you are dealing with stubborn debris and dirt, it may be a bit more complex and require the experience of a professional to clear it.

Working with our experienced sprinkler professionals, you can expect we will come with the right tools and equipment to easily get rid of the materials that may be clogging your sprinkler system. No matter what type of sprinkler system you may have installed in your yards, we’ll take care of it. All you need to do is to grab that phone and give us a ring. Don’t wait before it’s too late.

Blocked Sprinkler System
Sprinkler Repair | Sprinkler System Repair Tacoma WA

From overgrown plants and broken plants to occasional trash – you’ll basically have all these stuffs block the flow of water as time goes by. It’s normal and nothing to worry about if you regularly check out the areas surrounding your sprinkler heads and remove the objects that may be causing the obstruction. The key here is to do preventive maintenance by cutting overgrown turf grass and picking up the trapped trash like dried leaves and candy wrappers.

However, without proper maintenance, you may end up having difficulty removing objects that are heavily trapped into the system. When this happens, you’ll need a sprinkler system repair and maintenance provider.

Tacoma Sprinkler will take care of whatever is blocking your pipes. Give us a call right now at (253) 999-9119.

Sprinkler System Spray Pattern
Sprinker Repair

A water that’s over spraying may lead to the water landing on parts that are positioned outside the lawn like the walkway or even the streets! It’s not only a waste of precious water, it’s also a waste of money. You will also be wasting money on a huge water bill that your grass didn’t need. Over spraying is primarily caused by sprinkler heads that are not correctly placed. Sometimes all it needs is just some fine tuning during your sprinkler repair. Rarely, it needs more than that.

You can expect our skilled technicians will be able to determine what may be causing the over spraying of water. No more guessing or estimating. Tacoma Sprinkler will fix your problem right away. Call us at (253) 999-9119 , and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair | Sprinkler System Repair Tacoma WA

Irrigation System Repairs

can be costly but they don’t have to be if you pay attention to your yard.

Discovering brown patches of grass or dying grass can be a sign it is time for an irrigation system repair.  Your grass should get one inch of water per week.  If your grass is trying to tell you something, then it’s time to bring the “lawn whisperers” to your home to figure out what your grass is trying to tell you.  A clogged sprinkler head, clogged pipe, or broken sprinkler head can be the culprit.  Even if you have a top-of-the-line Rainbird Sprinklers, your water sprinkler will still need to be serviced from time to time.  If it has been over a year or if your lawn isn’t a green oasis, get Tacoma Sprinkler on the phone to schedule your sprinkler repair at (253) 999-9119.

It doesn’t matter if we were the contractors that originally installed your sprinkler system or not. Our experienced technicians will be able to quickly and accurately identify and solve your sprinkler issues. We have over twenty years of service and experience. We have serviced and repaired about every manufacturer of sprinkler systems out there. If you have a Rain Bird sprinkler, Hunter sprinkler, Orbit sprinkler, Toro, or any other brand of sprinkler system we can service your system. Everyone on our team is knowledgeable about irrigation who can either fix or replace elements of your system. Trust Tacoma Sprinkler to solve all your sprinkler system problems!

Why You May Need to Call Us for A

Sprinkler System Repair

Lawn sprinklers malfunction when you do not expect them too. When these issues occur, you have no other option but to call a professional sprinkler repair company. It could be that the sprinkler system just stopped working suddenly. Perhaps, you noticed your water bill is higher. It could even be water running down the yard and your street. Anytime you notice any of these signs you are advised to contact a professional sprinkler repair company as soon as possible. Shut down the water supply to the irrigation system before giving us a call. Even if your calls get missed, we’ll answer all missed calls as soon as we can. We’ll get to your place as soon as we can, and we’ll do what we can to get your sprinkler system up and running in no time.

You know you need a Sprinkler Repair if you have any of these problems:

  • Damaged pipes
  • Broken or deformed wires
  • Buried sprinkler heads
  • Clogged sprinklers
  • Leaking sprinkler heads or pipes
  • Malfunctioning control box

  • Poor water spray patterns
  • Overflowing or over spraying water

  • Blocked valves and pipes
  • Uncontrollable running water

Tacoma Sprinkler can create solutions for any problems on your sprinkler system!

Winterize Sprinkler System

If you forget to winterize sprinkler system, then you will end up needing a irrigation system repair. Winterizing your water sprinkler is so important to avoid preventable repairs.  During the winter season, when temperatures reach negative figures, sprinkler systems get faulty or break. They often have busted pipes and suffer from the damage of frozen pipes.  Before your home gets below freezing weather, it is a good idea to get winterization of your irrigation and sprinkler system. Contact us before it’s too late and your stuck with the cost to repair that pipe.  The best times are well before you are area has any hard freezes or below freezing weather.  It’s a good idea to have it done before December.  We have flexible scheduling date and times and can have your winterization done on time to protect your sprinklers and irrigation system from the harsh winter season.

Why choose us for your Sprinkler Repair needs?

When you choose Tacoma Sprinkler, we take pride in the quality of our work. From the tools to the parts that we use for installation or irrigation repair, we only give our clients the best products for the optimum repair. Decades of experience has made us the best sprinkler system company in the area. We don’t just install or repair sprinkler systems. We provide excellent sprinkler maintenance through check-ups, sprinkler repairs, and replacements. The key here is to inform us right away if you notice a problem to prevent a more expensive problem down the road.

Sprinkler System Installation or Repair

When you need Tacoma Sprinkler, we will be there for you. With our flexible scheduling, superior customer service, and knowledgeable sprinkler specialists it’s no wonder our customers keep coming back. Our sprinkler system repair and sprinkler installations come with a warranty period. Our prices are cost-effective, with nothing like obligatory bids. We provide various sprinkler system options that suit your individual needs and vision, and we’ll take the time to explain these options for you.

Let’s schedule your Sprinkler Repair today at (253) 999-9119.

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